Ukraine corruption scandal: US promises 'rigorous monitoring' of aid

But Washington says it has no evidence American assistance has been diverted.

The United States vowed to tightly monitor how Ukraine spends billions of dollars of aid on Tuesday, following a damaging corruption scandal that led to a string of resignations in Kyiv.  While Wash… [+3289 chars]


Ukraine war: German tanks for Ukraine depend on US approval

The German Chancellor is under pressure to supply tanks to Ukraine, but will not do so without US approval.

Ukraine war: 'Frank' talks as Ukraine pushes Germany for tanks

Pressure mounts on Berlin to supply Kyiv with Leopard tanks - the focus of "frank" talks with Ukraine.

Ukraine war: Ukraine admits retreat from front line town of Soledar

Andrew Harding goes under fire on the front line in eastern Ukraine after recent Russian gains.

Russia-Ukraine war: Drone attacks continue on Kyiv and eastern Ukraine

Air raid sirens sounded shortly before midnight as the latest in a wave of attacks by Russia over the New Year period began.

Ex-US Navy SEAL killed in Ukraine

An ex-US Navy SEAL, who deserted the American military nearly four years ago, was killed fighting in Ukraine, according to the Navy.

Ukraine war: Hiding from Putin's call up by living off-grid in a freezing forest

Adam Kalinin has been camping in the Russian wilderness since September to avoid fighting in Ukraine.

Ukraine war: The Christmas ceasefire that wasn't

Few in Ukraine's eastern city of Bakhmut expected Russia's declared truce to be matched with action.


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