At Elton John's White House concert, tears and a trip down memory lane

The singer, who came to Washington on a farewell concert tour, performed a six-song set at the White House Friday, and was surprised to receive the National Humanities Medal

When Donald Trump asked one of his favorite musicians, Elton John, to perform at his 2017 inauguration, the knighted singer politely declined in an email: Thank you so much for the extremely kind in… [+8029 chars]


Award for Elton John after White House performance

US President Joe Biden surprised Sir Elton John by giving him a medal for his contribution to music.

Rocketman at the White House: Bidens host Elton John for South Lawn soiree -

President Joe Biden, first lady Jill Biden and a couple thousand fans will rock to a performance by musical legend Elton John at the White House on Friday.

Watch: Sir Elton John pays tribute to the Queen

Sir Elton John spoke at a concert about the Queen and how "she was an inspiring presence to be around".

Obamas unveil 'stunning' White House portraits

The former first couple wax lyrical about what the paintings mean to them and to Americans.


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