HBO Max removes nearly 200 episodes of 'Sesame Street'

Comment on this story Its not a sunny day for HBO Max, which has caused social media uproar for removing almost 200 older episodes of the beloved kids show Sesame Street from its streaming service. … [+3325 chars]


HBO Max is removing 36 shows ahead of Discovery+ merger

The union of HBO Max and Discovery+ is already causing pain through layoffs, and now the move is affecting some shows. Warner Bros. Discovery has confirmed to Variety that it's removing 36 titles from HBO Max as soon as this week while it prepares for the Dis…

Vergecast: HBO Max omens and iPad rumors

Nilay Patel, Alex Cranz, and David Pierce raise some questions about the future of the HBO Max and Discovery Plus app, the iPad’s headphone jack, handheld gaming systems, and electric vehicles.

HBO Max finishes rolling out its much-needed app redesign

It took the better part of a year, but HBO Max's app should (hopefully) be more pleasant to use. Warner Bros. Discovery has finished rolling out its redesigned app on desktop, Android and iOS, delivering a more intuitive interface, a performance boost and som…

HBO and HBO Max are reportedly laying off 70 production staffers

The major cost-cutting drive at Warner Bros. Discovery is continuing, as the company is reportedly laying off around 70 workers across HBO and HBO Max . Most of the cuts are on the side of the streaming service, according to Deadline .The layoffs account …

HBO Max and Discovery+ to combine into one streaming platform in 2023

HBO Max as we know it will soon be no more. At its first earnings call since the two media properties merged earlier this year, Warner Bros. Discovery announced it is planning on combining HBOMax and Discovery+ into a single streaming service — set to debut i…

Family sues Sesame Street theme park after racial discrimination allegations

Maryland family says multiple costumed characters ignored their Black daughter and other Black guestsA Maryland family has sued a Sesame Street theme park for $25m alleging that multiple costumed characters ignored their five-year-old Black daughter and other…

Sesame Street promises bias training after a video of Black girls getting shunned goes viral

Isn't Sesame Street supposed to welcome everyone? Don't tell me that even Sesame Street is following the New York trend of gentrification. One of the primary elements that helped catapult Sesame Street to success was the ethnic diversity of the show. — Read t…


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