Alex Jones lashes out at trial over Sandy Hook hoax claims

The Infowars founder lashed out at lawyers during a Connecticut trial that will determine what damages he has to pay families of victims of the school shooting.

Infowars founder Alex Jones lashed out as he testified in a tense Connecticut courtroom on Thursday as part of a defamation trial that will determine how much he should pay to the relatives of victim… [+4706 chars]


Alex Jones' Second Trial Over His Lies About Sandy Hook Attack Begins

InfoWars’ Alex Jones is in the throes of his second defamation trial regarding his infamous comments about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. While Jones was not in attendance, the trial began today in Connecticut.Read more...

Lawyer formerly hired by Alex Jones' company acknowledges his false statements

An attorney hired by Alex Jones to testify for Free Speech Systems, Brittany Paz, gave hours of testimony about Jones' Infowars Show, admitting that false statements were made about the Sandy Hook shooting for money. A Connecticut jury is now determining how …

Alex Jones knew Sandy Hook hoax claims could boost Infowars revenue, lawyer testifies - Reuters

A lawyer who works for Alex Jones' Infowars testified from the witness stand on Wednesday that the conspiracy theorist who claimed the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax knew that his words could drive followers to his empire.

FBI Agent Offers Devastatingly Emotional Testimony At Alex Jones Trial

Bill Aldenberg responded to the shooting at Sandy Hook and witnessed the devastation firsthand. He was harassed by conspiracy theorists for years after.


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