Lamar Odom Not Dating Transgender Actress Daniiellè Alexis, Despite Speculation

Lamar Odom is not dating Daniiellè Alexis despite rumors.

Lamar Odom is not romantically involved with transgender actress/model Daniiellè Alexis ... despite a few social media posts sparking speculation they're dating. Sources close to Lamar tell TMZ ... … [+949 chars]


Fake Drake Claims Real Drake Threatened to Slap Him, Paid Off Lamar Odom

Fake Drake is missing out on his big celebrity turn with Lamar Odom, and he's blaming real deal Drake for sabotaging his money bag!!! Fake, Izzy, whatever ... that guy was a recent guest on the WeInMiami podcast, where he got candid about his…

Lamar Odom’s Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Who is Lamar Odom? If you happen to look over the record of the NBA’s all-time leaders, you should come across the name Lamar Odom. The retired American Professional basketball player is best known for his remarkable performance on the… The post Lamar Odom’s …


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