Disney awarded Iger $10mn consultancy deal to advise CEO

Five year agreement made despite deteriorating relations with Bob Chapek

Walt Disney last year awarded Bob Iger a $10mn deal to advise his successor Bob Chapek despite the two executives at the media company barely being on speaking terms. Iger, who ran Disney for 15 ye… [+2571 chars]


Bob Iger steps back in as Disney CEO, replacing Bob Chapek

Disney has a new CEO, announcing Bob Iger has returned to the post he gave up in early 2020 to Bob Chapek. He’s now set to lead the company for two years, after it reported disappointing Q4 results a few weeks ago.

How politics led to Bob Chapek's downfall as Disney CEO

Bob Chapek was initially silent on Florida's controversial bill barring discussions of gender identity in school classrooms. Now he's saying "Goodbye, Disney."

At Disney, Iger confronts succession problem he helped create - Reuters

Walt Disney Co's (DIS.N) Bob Iger will once again be asked to identify his successor as chief executive -- one of his greatest failures in his first go-around as the company's leader, say p…

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Reacts to Bob Iger's Disney Return

"I had been hoping Iger would run for president."


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