Man charged in two deaths after he crashed his car into an intersection in unsanctioned Wildwood drag race

Police charged Gerald J. White, 37, of Pittsburgh with two counts of death by auto and two counts of assault by auto, in the death of Lindsay Weakland, 18, and Timothy Ogden, 34.

After two people were killed this weekend in Wildwood, N.J., when a driver struck a car and then hit two pedestrians during an unsanctioned drag racing rally known as H2Oi, the mayor said his first o… [+5844 chars]


Wild Research Concept Envisions an Inflatable Village on the Moon

Humans are going back to the Moon and this time they’re seeking to stay. NASA’s Artemis program promotes a sustainable vision of people living on and around the lunar surface, prompting some truly innovative ideas about how we might make that happen. Read mor…

How to Tell If Your Floor is Hardwood or Laminate (and Why It Matters)

Even if you’ve never once contemplated the flooring you walk on, buying a house will change that fast. There’s a reason everyone on House Hunters asks what kind of floors are in each house they visit: It’s because hardwood floors and laminate flooring are two…

In They Cloned Tyrone's First Trailer, John Boyega Uncovers a Wild Conspiracy

Juel Taylor’s directorial debut is giving us a pulpy thriller with a sci-fi twist... and more than one John Boyega, it seems.Read more...

Wild West: actor Lydia West - in pictures

Bafta Breakthrough Brit actor Lydia West, star of It’s a Sin, models AW22’s key looks Continue reading...


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