Israeli PM Lapid backs two-state solution with Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid called on Thursday for a two-state solution to decades of Israeli-Palestinian conflict and reasserted that Israel would do "whatever it takes" to stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid called on Thursday for a two-state solution to decades of Israeli-Palestinian conflict and reasserted that Israel would do "whate… [+2838 chars]


Ben & Jerry’s loses bid to block Unilever's sale of Israel business

A US judge denies a request to stop a deal that will allow sales in Israeli settlements to continue.

Israel to help bolster German air defence - Scholz, Lapid - Reuters

Germany will draw on Israel's help to bolster its air defence force, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in Berlin on Monday, calling the Israeli-developed Arrow 3 missile system a "high-performance offer".

Israel part of solution to Europe's gas woes - Lapid - Reuters

Israel can deliver about 10% of the gas Europe received from Russia last year, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said in Berlin on Monday.

Lapid to Macron: Israel not bound by Iran deal - Reuters

Israel objects to a return to the Iran nuclear deal and if one is reached, will not be bound by it, Prime Minister Yair Lapid told French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday, according to a statement from the Israeli leader's office.

Biden, Israel's Lapid speak amid discussions on possible Iran nuclear deal - Reuters

U.S. President Joe Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Wednesday, a White House official said, as Tehran seeks stronger guarantees from Washington for the revival of a 2015 nuclear deal that is strongly opposed by Israel.

Israel: Nuclear deal would give Iran $100 billion to destabilise region - Reuters

A new nuclear deal between world powers and Iran would allow other nations to avoid sanctions and give Teheran $100 billion a year to destabilise the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said on Wednesday.

Israeli diplomat in Turkey expects ambassador appointment "within weeks" - Reuters

The Israeli charge d'affaires in Turkey said on Friday the re-appointment of an ambassador to Ankara could happen within weeks, while repeating Israel's expectation that the Hamas office in Istanbul be closed down.

Hamas executes two 'Israel collaborators' in Gaza

The men had given Israel information which had led to the killing of Palestinians, a statement says.

Israel sees no new Iran nuclear deal before U.S. November mid-terms - Reuters

Israel does not anticipate a renewal of Iran's nuclear deal with world powers before the U.S. mid-term elections in November, an Israeli official said on Sunday, after European parties to the negotiations voiced frustration with Tehran.

Israel's election campaign kicks off, polls predict further deadlock - Reuters

Israeli political parties submitted their final lists of candidates on Thursday for an unprecedented fifth election in four years, which looks unlikely to break the deadlock between former premier Benjamin Netanyahu and his bitter rivals.


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