Americans are piling into T-bills

Also, a contest

With T-bills yielding 5%, it's hardly any wonder there's been a huge surge of enthusiasm for them, even when the main website for purchasing them feels like it's stuck in 1998. State of play: The a… [+865 chars]


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Volkswagen will build its first North American EV battery plant in Canada

Volkswagen is looking to beef up its battery business and localize cell production for its electric vehicles. It has taken another step toward that goal by announcing subsidiary PowerCo's first North American battery cell factory, which it will build in C…

Marvel's What If? Season 2 Will Introduce a Brand New Native American Hero

In the upcoming second season of Disney+ and Marvel Studios What if...? we’ll be getting an episode that follows the trajectory of the Tesseract had it crashed in America before it’s colonization. Read more...

Debt default would be 'catastrophic' event that could kill millions of American jobs, Moody's warns

A breach of the US debt ceiling risks sparking a 2008-style economic catastrophe that wipes out millions of jobs and sets America back for generations, Moody's Analytics warned on Tuesday.

Singer Kya Monee' honors late 'American Idol' runner-up Willie Spence in Season 21 premiere

"American Idol" contestant Kya Monee' returned to the audition room to honor her late friend and former contestant Willie Spence during the reality singing competition show's Season 21 premiere on Sunday.

Jailed American appeals to Biden in unprecedented interview from Iran's most notorious prison

Iran's longest-held American prisoner has made an emotional plea to US President Joe Biden to put the "liberty of innocent Americans above politics" and ramp up efforts to secure his release, in an unprecedented interview with CNN from inside Iran's notorious…

Decorated American forward Decker announces retirement - Reuters

Decorated American forward Decker announces retirement  Reuters

An American tourist fell in love with a European flight attendant in 1969. They've been married for over 50 years

Anthony was an American tourist traveling the world. Barbara was an Air France flight attendant on vacation in Greece. Here's how they crossed paths in the summer of 1969, and embarked on a romance that's lasted 50 years and counting.


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