Biden rails against access to assault weapons after recent spate of shootings

President Joe Biden said Thursday that he would work with Congress to "try to get rid of assault weapons" after a recent spate of shootings in the US.

President Joe Biden said Thursday that he would work with Congress to try to get rid of assault weapons after a recent spate of shootings in the US. The idea (that) we still allow semiautomatic weap… [+3004 chars]


Joe Biden says Elon Musk’s ‘relationships’ with other countries should be ‘looked at’

President Joe Biden says that Elon Musk’s dealings with countries outside of the United States are “worthy of being looked at.” Speaking to reporters, Biden didn’t elaborate on if some kind of of investigation was underway, but suggested the Tesla and Twitter…

Opinion: What people got wrong about Biden

The midterms make clear that Biden is a much stronger president than he is often given credit for, writes Julian Zelizer. After two years of speculation about whether Biden should run for a second term, the outcome should also give Democrats reason to believe…

Xi-Biden meeting: Taiwan top of agenda for Chinese and US leaders

The in-person meeting will be their first since President Joe Biden took office.

Biden chuckles at thought of Trump running again

The US president was asked what he would tell foreign leaders about Donald Trump's potential run.

US midterms: Biden warns election denial is 'path to chaos'

The president urges US voters to unite in opposition to "political violence" in next week's midterms.

US presidential election 2024: Democrats who might challenge Biden

An aging president with poor approval is vulnerable to a primary challenge from inside his own party.

White House wedding for Biden granddaughter Naomi - Reuters

Naomi Biden, the granddaughter of U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden, was set to be married on Saturday in what will be the 19th time in history the White House has been used for a wedding.

Ukraine war: Biden sees 'real problems' for Russia after Kherson retreat order

Russia is retreating from Kherson, the only regional capital it captured during the invasion.

Opinion: Three roadblocks Biden will face with the House under GOP control

Julian Zelizer writes Julian Zelizer writes that even though there wasn't a red wave, even a ripple in the House of Representatives is extremely consequential. With Republicans in control of the House, the Biden administration will likely encounter a combinat…


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