Top economist Mohamed El-Erian says we’re not just headed for another recession, but a ‘profound economic and financial shift’

The former CEO of PIMCO sees three trends that suggest a transformation in the global economy is under way.

Investors and economists have been sounding the recession alarm. But one major economist who has seen warning signs mounting for many months says this potential recession is unlike what were used to.… [+5729 chars]


Central banks can't back down from 'taking away the punch bowl' despite pressure from markets, top economist Mohamed El-Erian says

Central banks can't let criticism stop them from taking away the punch bowl from markets, Mohamed El-Erian warned.

The odds of a soft landing are 'meager' and recent rallies in the stock market haven't been supported by fundamentals, Mohamed El-Erian says

The Fed will be challenged to stick a soft-landing at this point, top economist Mohamed El-Erian warned.

Hunt’s plan may please the markets, but austerity without real growth would be fatal | Mohamed El-Erian

There will be no recovery unless the chancellor addresses low productivity, the green economy and trading relations post Brexit Jeremy Hunt won’t enjoy today’s papers. “Tories soak the strivers,” agonises the Mail, the condemnation bolstered by a columnist’s …

Top economist Mohamed El-Erian says the FTX crypto fiasco will keep regulators up at night as they scramble to catch up

"The good news is, unlike banks they are not part of the payments and settlement system so we don't have to worry about big systemic effects."

The Fed's rapid rate hikes are necessary to stem inflation, but they're pushing risks to financial stability dramatically higher, Mohamed El-Erian says

"The faster the rate-increase cycle, the greater the risk of large financial accidents with nasty economic spillovers," he wrote.

The Fed's risk of doing too little to fight inflation is greater than doing too much, top economist Mohamed El-Erian says

"There are only a handful of us who think that the risk of doing too little is higher than the risk of doing too much at this stage," El-Erian said.


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